Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs

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President: Melissa Gross
Vice President: Sandy Dodge
Past President: Nancy Garvey
Secretary: Paula Boundy
Treasurer: Lise Maring


Term Expiring 2018: Jan Tyndall, Jeff Wright, Beth Kendrick
Term Expiring 2019: Tom Saunders, Katharina Bergdoll, Diane Wrick
Term Expiring 2020: Les Kilduff, Leslie Fellows, Kyle Langford

Committee Chairs:

Bluebird Boxes: Open
Conservation Easements: Jeff Wright and Sandy Dodge
Grants Review: Fred Witschey, Paula Boundy, & Trudy Quinto
Programs: Open
Conservation/Citizen Science: Jeff Wright
Newsletter: Letha Harris
Membership: Sandy & Edie Dodge
Website: Kyle Langford
Bird Walks: Jeff Wright & Melissa Gross
Hospitality: Jan Tyndal
Publicity: Maggie Gerdts & Leslie Fellows