Bluebird Nest BoXes


Each year, the Northern Neck Audubon Society (NNAS) constructs bluebird nest boxes (also known as bluebird houses), continuing a decades-long tradition. The Bring Back the Blue Birds project was begun in 1975 to increase the number of bluebird nesting boxes in the Northern Neck to make up for the loss of natural sites for blue birds depleted by logging and other development activities in our community. 


NNAS has distributed thousands of nesting boxes since 1975 when Mary Marlar started the project. But a big gap still remains between the need for and availability of nesting sites.

Made of carefully selected western red cedar, the boxes are side-opening, which facilitates seasonal cleaning.  Each box is branded with a Northern Neck Audubon "A" and will sell for $15.00.  Inside are instructions on how to place the box to attract blue birds and provide predator control.

Where to Buy Bluebird Nest Boxes

For more information:

nabluebirdsociety.org - North American Bluebird Society

sialis.org - All one needs to know about bluebirds

Youtube - Good demo for installation