The NNAS Hotline, nnasnet, is an email list hosted by FreeLists. The NNAS Hotline uses email to:

1) Report and discuss bird sightings in the Northern Neck of Virginia and surrounding areas

2) Communicate with the NNAS group

3) Provide information on upcoming events

To join nnasnet: 

1) Enter https://www.freelists.org/list/nnasnet
which will take you to the nnasnet subscription page at Freelists.

2) Enter your email address in the user option box labeled (do not click the ad at the top):

Your email address

3) The default action is subscribe. If not select "Subscribe" from the "Choose an action" box.

4) Click "Go".

5) The screen will change and the message below will appear:

Thanks! If you receive a confirmation email (you may or may not, depending on the list's configuration), be sure to reply to it to complete the process.

6) Go to your email, you will soon receive an email with the subject:

Subscription confirmation for 'nnasnet'.

7) Open the email. There will be a link in the email, after the line:

To confirm your subscription, please follow this URL:

8) Click on the link.

9) The page will change to your browser with the message:

Thank you, your submission has been received successfully, Please click here for more information on this list

You do not need to click on the link.

10) Go to your email, you will soon receive an email with the subject:

Ecartis command results: appsub nnasnet ...

11) Open the email, it will end with the line:


12) You are done and successfully subscribed. You will receive the next NNAS Hotline email whenever someone sends one. Emails are not sent very often so you may have to wait awhile before you receive your first email. But don't worry you are subscribed.