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Northern Neck Audubon Society Meeting in Lancaster County, Song Birds: Learning to Identify these Prized Residents and Visitors of the Northern Neck

  • Lancaster Community Library (map)

Yes, eventually the snow and ice will be gone, Songbirds will fill the air and charm our ears, and there will be Spring!

The February Northern Neck Audubon Society meeting on February. 5, Monday, 3:15 pm,  at Lancaster Library - Upper Meeting Room will provide “virtual springtime” (and warmth).  Jeff Wright will lead an interactive presentation on how to identify and attract songbirds.  The session is timely as it will focus on birds that we might see in our yards during the Great Back Yard Bird Count from 16-19 February 2018.  The aptly named songbirds provide the chirps, songs, and occasional “racket” that fill our yards and forests - particularly in the Spring.

Various tools, techniques, and diabolical quizzes will be included in the session to help identify these birds both by hearing them as well as seeing them.  The presentation will include High Definition photos and videos of songbirds.

Wrestling with learning to identify selected thrushes, wrens, finches, orioles, sparrows, grosbeaks, and mimic thrushes on a February day will hopefully speed up the arrival of spring.  Within this group of soulful songsters are hundreds of songbird repertoires to listen to, learn to love, and use to hone bird identification skills.

Refreshments will be served.