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Northern Neck Audubon Society Meeting in Lancaster Count

The Northern Neck Audubon Society will hold its April meeting on Monday, April 2, at the Lancaster County Library in Kilmarnock (GPS:16 Town Centre Drive, Kilmarnock).  Join us for refreshments at 3:00, followed by a program on Our Wonderful Wood Warblers presented by award-winning nature photographer Bob Schamerhorn at 3:30.

Bob Schamerhorn is a long-time member of the Audubon Society, a fledgling of the VSO and the Lynchburg Bird Club since the 1970’s, with decades of field experience in the Commonwealth. His professional nature photography has been published in Virginia Wildlife Magazine (2016 July-Aug Cover, 2017 May-June Cover), Virginia Wildlife Calendar (2017 Jan &May), plus numerous other nature-based publications. In the last decade alone, he has spoken at over 50 different organizations, clubs and nature festivals. He is author of The Bird Spa, a DVD (shown in part at the Richmond Environmental Film Festival), a coloring book, an annual calendar, and a weekly PhotoBlog at He displays his award-winning nature photography at numerous art shows and wildlife festivals every year. Visit for updates, sample images and reviews.

“Our Wonderful Wood Warblers” program celebrates the diversity and indisputable beauty of Warblers. These are amongst the smallest, yet most brilliantly colored birds in the Commonwealth. Finding and viewing these beauties often becomes a passion for many birdwatchers. Schamerhorn’s program includes a majority of Virginia’s species, some that are only present for brief periods during spring and fall migration, plus many that reside and breed here as well. The program will be a multimedia experience that presents this group of beautiful little birds utilizing sight, sound, and stories displayed with award winning photography and HD video clips with matching bird songs. It’s a great refresher course for springtime singing, or just sit back and enjoy their beauty. Entertaining for all age and birding skill levels.