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Bird Walk at Reedville in Northumberland County

On Monday, June 11, the Northern Neck Audubon Society will conduct a bird walk through Reedville in Northumberland County.  Participants will meet at 9:00 a.m. in the Fisherman’s Museum parking lot at 504 Main Street.  Reedville is a historic fishing village founded in the 1860s by Elijah Reed from Maine.  From the 1890s through the early 1900s, Reedville was the wealthiest town per capita in the United States due to its thriving commercial menhaden fishing industry.  Main Street, lined with Victorian mansions, was called Millionaire’s or Captain’s row.The walk will begin at the museum’s native plant garden and will meander down Main Street to the harbor and loop around to the “Stack” park.  This route is a part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.   Possible sightings include red-breasted mergansers, common loons, horned grebes, brown pelicans, northern gannets, osprey, Forster’s and royal terns, great black-backed and Bonaparte’s gulls, northern flickers, fist crows, eastern blue birds and boat-tailed grackles.

There will be several pairs of loaner binoculars available.  For cancellations and information about the Northern Neck Audubon Society and events, check this website.