The Most Important Fish in the Sea (and “Our” Bay)


The small, silvery, Atlantic Menhaden (Brevootia tyrannus) has been called "the most important fish in the sea" and "The Chesapeake’s Unsung Hero."

The numbers and geographic abundance of this fish have declined precipitously.

Efforts are needed from a lot of organizations, states, jurisdictions, and nations to rebuild the stocks of menhaden. More is needed to protect, restore, manage, and even expand wildlife along the Atlantic Coast, the Chesapeake Bay, and our Northern Neck Rivers through precautionary, multi-jurisdictional, public and private partnerships, and science-based management of fish and improving the condition of the waters that are home to the menhaden and the climate factors impacting our lands and waters.

The Northern Neck Audubon Society Endorses:

✓ Ocean, Bays, and Rivers that Work for Everyone – Wildlife and Mankind
✓ Rebuilding and increasing stocks of menhaden
✓ Advance an ecosystem approach to management and balancing competing needs:

o Birds: Eagles, Ospreys, and other birds
o Fish: Rockfish and other game and non-game fish
o Clean water: Filtering the Bay
o Sport Fishing
o Commercial Fishing

✓ Sustainable Mid-Atlantic Fisheries
✓ Protecting habitat and improving the quality of our waters
✓ The Chesapeake Bay and the waters of the Northern Neck continue - through ecosystem management - as a productive and major nursery area for Atlantic Menhaden
✓ Increase the survival of younger fish in the Chesapeake Bay


Northern Neck Audubon October 2017